• Grandco Sandals Rainbow Wedge 26462E
  • Grandco Sandals Rainbow Wedge 26462E - Black Sole
  • Grandco Sandals Rainbow Wedge 26462E - White Sole
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Grandco Sandals - Rainbow Wedge 26462E




Rainbow Wedge 26462E by Grandco Sandals is a multicolored design mixture of colored jeweled and marbled beading. The jeweled center stone is a blush pink, with the straps being a combination of marble beading in pinks and purples with a pale blue jeweled stone set in the middle that magnificently compliments the tone and color of the sole creating an iconic piece of footwear to suit all occasions and outfits.

Since Grandco introduced the 2" wedges back in 2012, they have been a huge success giving you a touch of height and a spring in your step. These beaded and jeweled shoes are perfect for any occasion! Whether you want to go out on the town in a beautiful gown, don a swimsuit or take in the sun for a summer tan, they are perfect for every occasion. 

Rainbow Wedge is perfect for spring and summer, it embodies the warmth and comfort of everything you want when you think of fun in the sun and will coordinate with almost anything in your closet. There will be no cries of pain as you slip you toes into your Grandco Sandals. You will feel like you are walking on air, these are one of the most comfortable sandals for women on the market.

They are available in a choice of black, white or brown 2" wedge shoe base, with a silver textured inner sole on the black and white sandals, while the brown has a gold inner sole.

Sandal Features

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Wear your Rainbow Wedge Sandal with everything
  • 2" raised molded PVC waterproof sole
  • Molded sole for extra comfort
  • Stones, crystals, and beads lay flat against your foot
  • Perfect throughout the summer
  • Wear them at home instead of slippers
  • Casual enough for during the day but classy enough for the evening
  • Ideal with dresses, shorts, pants


Sizes available in Grandco Sandals Rainbow Wedge. All sizing is US standard sizing in whole sizes only; if you are a half size, you should order next size up. Some customers report that Grandco Sandals run small.

  • Black - Sizes 6-11
  • White - Sizes 7-10
  • Brown - Sizes 7-10
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