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In 2009, while I was on vacation, my children were desperate for some fishing nets. After looking at one store after another - I was just about to give up when I decided to check the last shop. I wandered in and just like the previous five stores before; there wasn’t one single fishing rod. Just as I was about to walk out, I noticed right at the back these beautiful jeweled sandals. Like any good mother - I instantly forgot about the fishing rods and headed to check the shoes out!

I had never heard of Grandco Sandals, but I loved all the jewels and beads on these cute sandals. I had to purchase a pair! I chose a pair with colorful marble stones knowing they would match just about any of my summer outfits. The next day we were heading out on an all-day adventure with our children. I wore my new beaded sandals – wondering if I would regret it half way through the day! I was stunned after wearing them all day they felt as comfortable as when I first put them on that morning!

Finally, I had found a sandal range that are:

  • Fashionable
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Complimented my outfits
  • Didn’t need to be broken in

The very next day I headed back to the store to purchase a few more pairs but was disappointed to find only one other style in my size. Once I got back home, friends were commenting on my beaded sandals and asking me where I had purchased them? When I looked for Grandco Sandal retailers, the only places, I found these jeweled sandals were online with high shipping costs and rarely in my size.

What is a girl to do? I decided there was space in the online world for someone to bring Grandco Sandals and other trendy accessories to fashionable ladies everywhere. The Accessory Barn was opening for business! My previous work experience had been banking and stockbroking – one thing I took from my years in the financial world was – CUSTOMER SERVICE! I knew if I was to succeed I needed to stand out from the crowd. I want every customer that shops with The Accessory Barn to be completely satisfied.


The Accessory Barn firmly believes YOU don’t always have to pay high prices to get good quality jeweled sandals and fashionable accessories. We offer priority flat-rate shipping for US based customers, and international orders we keep as close to the actual cost. A full list of shipping fees is on the Shipping page.

A Note from Nicola:

“My customers, many of whom come back again and again, look to me to supply high-quality, fashionable items. Slowly we are ‘conquering the world one small-jeweled step at a time’ with Grandco Sandals.
The greatest compliment I can receive is YOU referring your friends and family to The Accessory Barn".

Read our Reviews page; you can see what other customers are saying about us and the shoes. Keep up to date with The Accessory Barn at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.