Grandco Shoes - Step out in Comfortable Wedding Footwear for Women!


Have you have spent endless days looking for wedding shoes - only to find heels which are impossible to walk in or ones that don't have the bling you wanted.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could find shoes that you can wear again and again; why not try a pair of Grandco Shoes in a wedge design!

With the 2" heel they are a perfect balance - giving you the height you desire. Round Pearl Wedge style have gorgeous, round pearls with a center glitzy jeweled stone. Giving your feet the most comfortable, snug fit as you gracefully walk the aisle on your big day.


These dazzling, beaded sandals are tailor-made for a bride who wishes to bedazzle the crowd.

With a comfortable molded sole and beautiful beading, it is no surprise why so many women choose Grandco Sandals for their wedding footwear.

They have been contoured with arch-support to minimize pressure on the heels so that you can easily walk in all day.

“Romance is the glamor which turns

the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

Elinor Glyn


If you’re looking for low-arched heels for a short wedding gown or an elaborate lace gown, then you should check out style Lunar by Grandco Sandals.

The straps have beautiful crescent stones, and with the molded foot soles that will keep your heels pain-free on your wedding day.

If your friends or sisters are going to be bridesmaids, you can gift them a matching pair as well.

Every girl wants to look the best version of herself on her wedding day. Choosing a top-notch wedding dress is your top priority. Months before the wedding date you spend your days looking online, in magazines, researching every gown you can find.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed with the pressure of the never-ending preparations!
For a daylight wedding, you can have a Cinderella moment with a pair of Grandco shoes underneath a shiny satin wedding gown. You might be confused about what dress to wear, whether to go easy on the lace or add some more, hair up or down and the shoes! Good lord, where to find shoes that fit perfectly and won’t leave your feet hurting on your big day!

Right now, you need to step back and relax. Take out your wedding list and work on things one at a time. If you don’t already know this, we’re here to remind you- it’s going to be okay. You are going to look ethereal on your wedding day.
It’s time to put an end to the wedding anxiety we have given you some helpful suggestions on wedding sandals to go with your gown!