Wedge thong sandals for everyday

Wedge sandals whether they are a low wedge or a higher wedge heel are a perfect addition to almost any outfit. They're infinitely more comfortable than pencil heels, and they give your feet that natural looking height which is so versatile! Plus you can wear them with everything from jeans or dresses all the way up into tall boots during winter months when it's cold outside but still need some extra warmth underfoot.
You don't have be tall nor thin either - every woman has her own personal style discovering how best display it through fashion choices like shoes or a low wedge sandals.

Wearing the right clothes and shoes can make all the difference in your appearance and how you feel about yourself. But what if you have a petite body type? Some stylists recommend vertical stripes or small patterns as accentuating accessories for shorter women. In order to find out how these styles will work best on YOU (and look great!), try wearing them next time without any of our current closet items first!

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If you wish to appear tall or at least proportionate, sharp, edgy heels may not be the best choice. At best, they make your toes appear disproportionate against your body type. This is because when you try to squeeze in the width of your feet into ridiculously thin and high heels, your upper body can appear larger.

For short people, this can make things worse. Instead of walking in discomfort the entire day, spare yourself the heels, and choose something more comfortable. Replacing your ridiculously 5-inch high heels with an airy pair of wedges can do the trick.

By allowing your feet to maintain their natural shape, wedge thong sandals can lend ample height to your body type. You can’t expect to look good when your feet are hurting; you have to be happy from the inside.

sandals for work & travel

Wearing high-heels is always great until you get tired. When that happens, your feet hurt from the extra weight and they're not fun to wear anymore! Whether traveling back and forth to work or even a business trip, this usually involves lots of walking around, and you definitely do not want to do that in your six-inch stilettos. While you are bound to look great in those heels, you will find yourself in deep regret by the end of the day, wishing you could wear anything other than those heels - wondering why you did not go for the wedge sandals!

When choosing footwear for work or traveling, you should always prioritize comfort and functionality over looks. Otherwise, you could ruin your day or trip, and you might walk around in heels all day and find your feet full of blisters the next day.
If you're traveling for a business trip and heels or a must, carry the pair with you and wear them for that occasion only. Then, switch back to some comfy flats or jeweled wedge sandals.