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4 Tips for 'How to Clean your White Sandals'

Footwear may have seen significant transformations over the past centuries, but what still hasn’t changed is how we take care of our shoes and sandals. While most shoes don’t need much cleaning, it is your white sandals that can be the most problematic. Their perfect color is both a blessing and a curse. And while they look spectacular on your feet, unfortunately, any and every stain that comes from regular wear is visible. It doesn’t matter what the material is – from leather and brogues to canvas and suede, all your white sandals and shoes require extra cleaning.

When you wear white sandals, it's hard to hide the dirt that builds up on them over time. You might think they're just fine even after several days of walking around with no cleaning at all! The good news is there are some easy ways for getting rid if this pesky grime so your beautiful pair can stay looking as pristinely new forever more.

'How to clean white sandals' is one of the most asked questions at The Accessory Barn. We have gathered some tricks and tips that we have found to work well with white soled shoes.

Cleaning White Grandco Sandals

Avoid harsh chemicals when washing your white shoes. Over-washing can erode the shoe material. This is especially true for suede and leather. Instead, clean your white footwear with a water-based cleaner where possible. 

You can also use unique polishes that are better suited to each shoe material. However, strappy white sandals like these only require a few wipes of a gentle cleanser. 

Keeping White Sandals Clean

If you've been walking for too long in those strappy sandals, chances are they've pretty much changed their color. With stubborn stains and marks, it can be quite tempting to scrub them hard to remove them. However, by rubbing them vigorously, you'll end up scraping away the shoe material.
This is especially true for jeweled sandals. If you have marbles or beads crested on the straps, be extra careful while brushing.

Your white sandals are probably your most prized possession. Versatile and chic – they beat other shoes in your wardrobe. Therefore, even when you're scrubbing them, keep a gentle hand. Use a light shoe brush to scrape off the grime and stains. If you do it long enough, they'll eventually come off. 

Clean White Sandals Weekly

A smart way to put off deep shoe cleaning is to do it regularly; this seems obvious, but so many people wait until they are super dirty!

Instead of waiting for those hard, dark stains to appear, make a habit of giving your white sandals a good cleanse once a week. Or even each time they have been worn. Although it depends on how frequently you wear them, as long you're cleaning them regularly, you won't have any trouble.  

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Keep Sandal Footbead Clean

While these tips will ensure a shine over the top, it's also important to scrub the shoe's footbed. That is where most of the dirt sticks, and a lack of proper cleaning can cause it to jam. At least every couple of weeks, take a damp cloth, a shoe-cleanser or even Bar Keepers Friend and swab away the dirt.

Cleaning the footbed will ensure that your shoes stay pristine for longer. That's important for white flip flops because they easily stain. You can also use dish soap and water to scrub away dirt stains.