Why Grandco Sandals are a Great Choice for Summer!

Why Grandco Sandals are a Great Choice for Summer!
Believe it or not, a lot of summer footwear can be harmful to your legs, joints and overall skeletal structure. A lot of shoes and jeweled sandals don’t offer our feet the support they need, but it’s sometimes hard to know which ones are best. Luckily, we have the insider knowledge to help you decide which footwear to avoid and which to pack this summer.

They may be very current, stylish and let your feet breathe; however, espadrilles have a super flat sole. Meaning there is no shock absorption when you walk, and there’s hardly any support for your feet, especially the arch. These types of shoes also aren’t waterproof, making them a huge no-no for your suitcase this summer.

Yes, they make you look heaps taller, but is it worth your feet suffering? This style of shoe can lead to foot deformation as the action of walking with platforms is unnatural. You also have a high chance of twisting your ankle in these, so definitely steer clear of platforms if you want to take care of your feet.

Heels With A Point
You want to look fashionable on your summer night out; we get it. But pointy heels aren’t the way forward! They offer bad blood circulation disorders in your toes, foot deformation, sometimes bunions, and are likely to cause you an accident. You could also get unnatural blood flow level in your legs and squashed nerves due to the narrow shape of the shoe, so pointy heels don’t even bear thinking about if you want to take care of your feet.

So, we have to steer clear of all of these types of shoes, but what CAN we wear?

What To Buy Instead
To walk long distances and for sufficient support, your footwear needs to have sloped soles, arch support and enough protection for your feet. If only there were a solution!

Problem solved!
With Grandco Sandals, each style has the correct sole mold that keeps your feet supported and healthy. The comfy designs let you walk for miles without harming your feet, and they’re water resistant - perfect for the beach! Not only that, but there are plenty of exciting designs to choose from that will keep you being a fashion icon all the way through summer.

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