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How to Select the Perfect Bridal Sandal!

Posted on 19 November 2017

Your wedding day is one of the most special occasions of your life, and you obviously want to look and feel fabulous. Most brides opt for high heels that start making them uncomfortable right in the middle of the wedding ceremony. When choosing bridal shoes, it is essential to consider various factors other than just pretty shoes.

You don't want to end up wearing heels-from-hell throughout your wedding, do you? The shoes should be amazing but shouldn't make your wedding ceremony a painful experience.
Here's how to find the right bridal sandals for your wedding:

Go With Your Theme
It is always best to consider the kind of wedding ceremony you are organizing when you are picking your shoes. For instance, if it's a garden wedding, you will be spending time outdoors which means sandals or wedges would be a good choice for bridal shoes.

Consider The Location And Weather
These are also important factors to consider before you buy your shoes. If it's a summer and a beach wedding, an elegant jeweled sandal will go perfectly with your dress. If it's an indoor wedding, high heels, wedges sandals, and peep-toes will look great. And if your wedding is in winter, consider wearing closed bridal shoe.

Don't Forget Comfort
Comfort is the most important thing you need to keep in mind before you purchase your bridal shoes. Remember you will be wearing the shoes all day long and will also be dancing in them. Before you select a pair, try walking and dancing in them to see if they are comfortable or not.

Showcase Your Style
Whether it's your wedding dress, theme or shoes, it is essential to stay true to your style. If you are not a high heel girl, there is no need to get them just because every other bride wears them. Go for wedges or jeweled sandals instead. They look equally glamorous and are comfortable too.

Break In The Shoes
It is never a good idea to wear your bridal shoes for the first time on your wedding day. Try them on a few times at least three weeks before your big day and walk around for a few minutes each time.

Never Go For Second-Hand Shoes
Sometimes the budget is so tight that few brides buy second-hand shoes or some just love vintage shoes. This is a big mistake. There are numerous shoes that can fit your budget as many shoe stores offer beautiful yet affordable sandals for women.

Your wedding is a special occasion; make sure you feel fabulous throughout the even by getting the right bridal shoes. For trendy and fabulous shoes, you can browse through the extensive shoe collection of Grandco Sandals. Don't see your style and size combination email us and we can order them in for you.

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