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Grandco Sandals Chronicles - A Grandco Sandal Vacation!

Posted on 20 September 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday in Paphos, Cyprus this summer - however, there’s no way I would’ve enjoyed it so much if it wasn’t for my jeweled wedge sandals! I took my favorite pair (Jaguar) away with me, and here’s how I got on…

Day 1 -
I slipped on my jeweled sandals as soon as I got into our villa, so that I could go and have an evening dip in the pool just as the sun was setting. Ahh, bliss!

Day 2 -
My Grandco Sandals were perfect for leaving by the door in case I needed to pop to the nearby shop for supplies during my holiday. They came in very handy for slipping on and off, and even walking around the villa - so comfortable!

Day 3 -
Sunbathing by day, eating out by night! As we all got dressed up to go and eat at a restaurant, I chose my trusty pair of sandals to don with a floaty maxi dress. They matched perfectly and gave me the classy and stylish look I wanted. The extra height of the heel worked well with my maxi dress, as sometimes it is a bit too long and I can trip over it.
Grandco Sandals - Bahama

Day 4 -
We explored the town to find somewhere to eat, and luckily I wore my Jaguar Grandco Sandals, as we were walking for a lot longer than expected! After a 3-hour round trip, my feet weren’t hurting as they would in enclosed shoes or flip flops, and I was rather glad of my footwear choice!

Day 5 -
A visit to Paphos Waterpark brought hopping around on hot pavement for many...however I was well prepared with my sandals! They saved the bottom of my feet getting burnt, and I felt pretty confident for once walking around in my swim gear with these stunning gems on my feet!

Grandco Sandals Jaguar

Day 6 -
After a day at the beach wearing my favorite footwear, they still looked gorgeous on my feet. The waterproof quality of these shoes is excellent, as I rinsed them down after they got covered in sand! I then went out in the evening and continued to wear the same sandals as they were just so comfy and gave me the sparkle that my outfit needed (a simple blue dress). I received so many compliments and who doesn't like to get a compliment!

Day 7 -
I couldn’t believe it...time to go home already?! I packed my case and got the last bit of sun walking around the area in my jeweled sandals, before stepping on the plane back to the UK. (Where it was raining - typical!)

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