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6 Tips for a Successful Flying Experience!

Posted on 20 June 2017

For a lot of us, a plane ride can be fearful, and airport queues can be stressful. Here are a few top tips to keep you looking and feeling good while making your next journey.

Airplane Travel
Keep Essentials In Your Hand Luggage
By packing a few essentials in your plane bag, you can feel refreshed when you step off your flight. Face cleansing wipes, your favorite moisturizer, and a soothing eye mask are all great additions to your luggage, especially when you have them at hand during your journey.
Feeling tired with a dry face? Just wipe, soothe and moisturize to feel rejuvenated once more.

Keep Cool
If you are always hot on an aircraft, try booking seats nearer the plane windows which, are the cooler - as the air outside of the plane is a lot colder.

Keep Hydrated
Always drink plenty of water on your flight and try to avoid too much alcohol.

Water on the plane

When To Fly
We all want to avoid long delays and hours of queuing - so when is the best time to travel? In fact, morning flights are less likely to be delayed, and it’s proven that they experience less turbulence when up in the air, so take note if you’re not too good with flying!

Get Some Rest
During a long flight, getting some sleep will refresh you and prepare you for your travels. A neck cushion and a soothing face mask are great to help you feel relaxed while flying, and also consider taking an MP3 player so you can sleep to your favorite tunes.

Grandco Sandals

What to Wear
Comfortable clothes that don't wrinkle are a must, and as we all know your feet do tend to swell when flying you want to wear the comfy pair of Grandco Sandals - but maybe have a pair of socks on hand just in case your feet get cold.

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