Wedge Thong Sandals For Everyday!

Wedge Thong Sandals - 3 Reason Why Women Love Them

They are infinitely more comfortable than pencil heels.
They add a natural-looking height to their bodies.
They are super-versatile and timeless footwear.

While some women are gifted with a tall and slender body type, most of us have to invent such an appearance through the patterns and shoes we wear. Many stylists recommend wearing vertical stripes and small patterns to accentuate a petite body shape.

You may have figured out what clothes would look best on you; however, when it comes to shoes, we could all use a little inspiration. If you wish to appear tall or at least proportionate, sharp, edgy heels may not be the best choice. At best, they make your toes appear disproportionate against your body type. This is because when you try to squeeze in the width of your feet into ridiculously thin and high heels, your upper body appears larger.

For short people, this can make things worse. Instead of walking in discomfort the entire day, spare yourself the heels, and choose something more comfortable. Replacing your ridiculously 5-inch high heels with an airy pair of wedges can do the trick.

By allowing your feet to maintain their natural shape, wedge thong sandals can lend ample height to your body type. You can’t expect to look good when your feet are hurting. To appear radiant, you have to be happy from the inside.

Wearing wedges and thongs will not only accentuate your body shape but will help you honor your physique. Here, we have listed the best wedge thong sandals to help add those few extra inches to your height.



An ideal addition to your wardrobe, Butterfly Wedge embodies warmth, style, and comfort.

The soles have been molded ergonomically to allow your feet to maintain their natural shape and curve. Slightly elevated from the heels, the moment you slip them on, your figure will appear proportionate and slender.

They have jeweled beading crested over each strap that is incredibly soft against the feet. You can now happily replace your heels with these super-stylish Butterfly Wedge.


If Customers from all over the world are in love with these Grandco Sandals, and it’s easy to see why. Why not check out the full range and, head over to The Accessory Barn and grab these super cute sandals. You know you want to!


Jade Wedge has an oceanic beauty to them. Decorated with glistening sea-blue gemstones and marbles, these shoes will make you want to hit the beach. Available in white, black, and navy blue, you can mix and match each color to suit your summer wardrobe.


These Grandco Sandals sport an exotic look. With multi-colored beads on the straps, Rainbow would go perfectly well with an alluring beach suit. One of the most comfortable flip-flops in the market; these sandals provide unmatched comfort and style.

Pair them up with a summer dress for a beach trip, a pool party, or a birthday bash; you are always going to look your best with

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