Where to Buy Grandco Sandals in Canada

where to buy Grandco Sandals in Canada

Where to Buy Grandco Sandals in Canada

Summer is here, and we bet you’ve got park picnics and beach strolls lined up for the next few months. And what better way to celebrate beautiful weather than with comfy footwear!

But who wants to go walking around the shops hunting for shoes when you can shop from your armchair!

Super stylish, affordable, and uber gorgeous, Grandco brings you a big collection of footwear to light up your steps. With tons of colors, embellishments, and styles to choose from, your shopping experience with Grandco will be a glamorous one!

Grandco Sandals - Moonlight



Customer Review

"These jeweled sandals offer eye catching style along with great comfort! I wear them casual with capri's during the day and added sparkle for evening wear!

A must have!

Order one size up than your normal size as they run small".

Grandco Sandals Trends

Are you ready to change up your wardrobe? Do you want the latest trends?
Well, Canadian ladies, you’re in luck! Grandco Sandals can be delivered right to your doorstep with super quick delivery and secure packaging!

Not only are they gorgeous to look at as they have pearls and gemstones, but they’re also easy on the bank and comfortable to wear all day long.
The best part is that there are so many varieties to choose from that there’s a pair out there for every outfit you own!


Fully updated, stocked, and efficient payment options are available for shoppers! Grandco at The Accessory Barn showcases their full itinerary of thong sandals, slides, and wedges.

Choose from beaded and minimalist shoes to pair with your beach dresses and spring prints this season!
Shopping at The Accessory Barn is an absolute treat. They have a massive selection of stocked Grandcos with different designs, and they have various sizes.

Regularly updated with new designs, you’ll enjoy adding shoes to your cart with their user-friendly interface.

They also have a mid-season sale going on right now, so you know what this means: Lots of Grandco shoes for you!
With a pair of Grandco sandals, any boring outfit will stand out.

This season, shop Grandco for a glamorous new wardrobe!

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