The Accessory Barn Tips - What to Pack for your Vacation!

Posted on 04 September 2017

If you’re jetting off to somewhere hot, you’re bound to be excited in the lead up to your getaway. However, some of us may be getting a little stressed about what to pack, here are a few tips on how to make the packing process easier! Make your holiday preparations stress-free and enjoyable, for once!

1. Lists, lists, lists! Start by writing a list of everything to pack, and use clear titles to split up the sections. By using titles including ‘clothes,' ‘toiletries,' ‘essentials,' such as your passport, ID, paperwork, etc., and ‘miscellaneous,' like your diary, reading book and sunglasses. Listing everything you need will help you remember everything when you come to pack, and it will make it so much easier to add your personalized items.

2. Toiletries. When thinking about the toiletries you want to take, it’s likely that you’ll be decanting your products into smaller containers or using smaller items if you’ll be traveling by plane. Stop liquid leaks by putting cling film over the top of the bottle neck before screwing on the lid, and this will prevent your clothes from getting stained if they should leak.

3. Packing books. Consider taking a mobile device or e-reader instead of big bulky books to read. Otherwise, you could photocopy pages of the next few chapters of your book to put in your suitcase and save the much-needed space for essential items.

4. Towel space. Find out if your accommodation supplies towels before you head off, as this may save space in your case. However, make sure you take a spare towel for the beach if you’re planning on catching the rays on the coast! Be sure to roll everything and not fold, as this can leave you with more suitcase space overall.

5. Pack backwards - sound confusing? Think again! First, pack items that you are likely to use last during your holiday. Work your way backwards and end with essential items on the top that you will need to hand as soon as you set foot at your destination! Not only will this save time when you reach your getaway location, but you shouldn’t have to scramble around in your case looking for something you need!

6. Hide your valuables. Take an empty suntan lotion container or tube to hide your valuables in when you’re at the beach. Avoid having your personal belongings and cash being stolen by disguising them as something else - allowing you to enjoy your vacation!

Safe Travels - Don't forget your Grandco Sandals!

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