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The Accessory Barn Tips - 7 Tips for Shoe & Sandal Shopping!

Posted on 25 September 2017

Shopping for the perfect shoes or jeweled sandals can be a long and tedious task. Fear no more! Make your shoe shopping ten times easier with these simple hacks.

Nighttime shopping!
As tempting as it is to step out the door and head for the shopping mall right away, this might not be your best bet. Your feet will be slightly more swollen later in the day, so try shopping for shoes later in the day or evening.

Measure your feet!
Our feet can change sizes without us even realizing, and some of us will always have one foot bigger than the other. Measure your feet now and then to make sure that you’re buying the right size when you shop. If you’re not sure, try on two sizes and compare!

Use your finger!
The best fitting shoes will allow a finger’s width of space between your toes and the end of the shoe - let your feet breathe a little!

Support your feet!
Think about what you’re buying the shoes for - if you’re planning to go to an event where you’ll be standing around all day, avoid the stilettos. Instead, choose a pair of comfy sandals or shoes with more support, like wedges.

Comfort comes first!
Even if you like the style of a pair of shoes, consider the comfort aspect for your feet and if you can envision blisters - put them down! Your feet carry all your weight, so be good to them and choose comfort over style.

Know your feet!
Be aware of your arch type and if you have wide feet, so that you can tailor your shopping to find the right shoe for you.

High heel hack!
With high heels, always go for a shoe that is one size larger than you would usually choose. Your foot will slip down in the shoe, and you will need a little more room, especially if they’re pointy!

Remember, if you want to cut out the stress of shoe shopping, head over to The Accessory Barn where you’ll find plenty of stylish Grandco Sandal designs that are comfy for your feet. You can’t go wrong!

Happy shopping!

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