New Grandco Sandals Styles for 2017!

Posted on 12 September 2017

Here at The Accessory Barn, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best and most popular range of sandals. We have some new styles for 2017, just in time for you to wear during the summer! Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Grandco Sandals Faberge

Grandco Sandals - Faberge
Faberge is a gorgeous design that keeps selling out - and we understand why! The stunning black and white styles of this shoe are one-of-a-kind, with a lovely swirl design and silver accent beading. The jewel-encrusted straps will hold your foot for extra comfort, and the metallic finesse of the shoe is more fashionable than ever. Faberge is so popular because you can wear these with anything - and we mean ANYTHING!
Try wearing with shorts throughout the day, and a maxi dress at night as you explore the destination nightlife or while you sit down for a meal with loved ones. Decide on a dress of any color, as the black and white styles of this design can pair with anything you choose (making your wardrobe decisions a whole lot easier!)

Grandco Sandals Spirit

Grandco Sandals - Spirit
Spirit is a unique style that has a very distinct look from the rest of the sandals. With rectangular shaped stones that are chiseled to have a granite look, these will glisten in the light all through the day and night. They are best worn with a neutral color, or you could pick one of the stone colors, for example, the coral pink, and wear a piece of clothing or an accessory that matches that color to accent it. You’ll soon be well on your way to being a fashion icon with this design!

Grandco Sandals Bahama Blue

Grandco Sandals - Bahama
The stunning beading of Bahama Blue is incredibly striking. The oval stones with pastel colors on this shoe will be a great addition to any wardrobe, especially when packing for a beach holiday! The blues and greens are reminiscent of the sea, so they suit a seaside trip. In white, gray and black, with a different colored center jewel for each color, your Bahama Blue sandals will catch the sunlight as you sit back and relax on the sand! A pastel blue or green bikini would undoubtedly complement this design, and you won’t be compromising on comfort either!

Grandco Sandals Frosted

Grandco Sandals - FrostedThis style has a unique detail on the stones, which we love! With a choice of black or white 1” molded base, these Frosted Grandco Sandals are extremely eye-catching and stand out from the rest. The beading sits quite high on the foot, so if you want to show them off, they would be best teamed with a light and airy knee-length dress for the day time.
You can then dress them up to be a little more formal at night with a smarter skirt and blouse pairing, while your sandals remain glam! Your feet will be happy for the entire time you wear these shoes, as the shoe base with extra arch support brings an incredible amount of comfort - which is a trait that every pair of Grandco Sandals share!

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