How to Find The Perfect Fit with Grandco Sandals & Shoes!

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Everyone had a Cinderella moment where you slipped into a pair of closed in shoes or jeweled sandals, and they are a perfect fit? Prince or not – how amazing is the feeling of instantly finding the right shoe fit? If you have experienced this moment frequently, consider yourself lucky! If not, you are not alone. Finding the perfect shoe fit is not that easy, but these tips can make it possible.
  • Whenever you go shopping, take your foot's tracing with you. Put the shoe you like on top of your tracing. If your shoe is narrower or shorter, no need to even try them on. 
  • The best time to go shoe shopping is in the afternoon as the foot expands naturally throughout the day. 
  • If you want to wear socks with your shoes, make sure you wear similar kind of socks to the store to ensure the right fit. 
Uneasy with high heels? Ditch them. There is no need to put your feet through all that pain. There are plenty of formal wear shoes to wear instead like a pair of beaded sandals, jeweled sandals and wedges sandals.
  • Get the salesperson to measure your feet each time you go shoe shopping. Feet grow wider or/and larger with age. Before making the purchase make sure you walk around in the shoes to get a feel of them. Ensure you have a half inch space between the shoe end and your toe.
  • Don't buy the shoes thinking they will stretch out gradually to fit right. If there isn't enough wriggle space, don't buy the shoes. It is best to get the shoes that fit right from the start. Consider your comfort level instead of the shoe size or the salesperson reassurance that they are a fit. 

Remember, shoe sizes usually vary between companies and manufacturers. If you are even slightly uncomfortable in the shoes, avoid them. Width is as important as the length. Sometimes the length would be perfect but not the width. Ask the salesperson if there is a broader size or look for another pair of shoes.

Always feel the inside of the shoe and the sole. Check if there are any seams, tags or other material that can get irritating or painful. Ensure the sole is sturdy to protect you from sharp objects and that there is proper cushioning.

These tips will not only decrease the risk of any shoe or foot problems but will ensure you feel comfortable no matter how long you walk. Always remember, your comfort should be your number one priority.
If you are looking for shoes that offer extra care for your feet along with style, browse through Grandco Sandals collection of affordable jeweled sandals for women.

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