Grandco Sandals Chronicles - What I'm Packing For My Getaway!

Grandco Sandal - Packing for a Trip
As some of you may know, this Sandal Girl is heading off to Paphos in Cyprus next month and it has come round incredibly quickly and I can't wait! Now's the time when I have started to make lists of things to buy and what to pack in my suitcase for this 7-day getaway. Here's an outline of what I'm fitting in my case for this summer's vacation:

The Essentials
It seems silly, but I have to write these down! Note to self: don't forget your passport, mobile phone, and plane boarding pass! It's incredible the amount of times I've forgotten these and only realized once stood in the airport.

Hand Luggage
In my hand luggage, I plan to a good book to read and a mp3 player with headphones to listen to relaxing summer tunes on the flight. A neck cushion is a must, as the flight is about 5 hours and I will probably fall asleep at some point! A few healthy snacks will be packed to ensure I keep up my energy levels for when I step off the plane in sunny Cyprus!

My large suitcase in the holding area of the plane can transport all my sun lotions, moisturizers, and makeup necessities without having to make sure they're under 100ml! And of course, the clothes...swimsuits, maxi dresses, caftans, casual wear, more formal wear, day wear, night wear...the list goes on! But not forgetting the most important addition to my suitcase - a couple of pairs of my favorite jeweled Grandco Sandals! My look wouldn't be complete without them.

Wow, that's a lot to fit in! I have no idea how I'm going to shut my case.

If you're flying off somewhere this summer, be sure to let us know what you've packed for your destination, and snap a picture of you wearing your Grandco Sandals on the trip!

Have a great summer!

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