Grandco Sandals Chronicles - The Writers Tale!

Grandco Sandals - Jaguar

In the UK, we’re experiencing a bit of a heatwave at the moment, so I got out a comfy maxi dress and my Grandco Sandals ready to work through the heat!
I painted my toenails a summery turquoise color in the morning, and I knew that whatever color I picked, it would go with the Jaguar 27691 style sandals in black that I had chosen to try out for the day.

Grandco Sandals Jaguar

I wore a gray maxi dress that has a comfy lounge feel but also keeps me cool too. The jeweled sandals completely complemented my outfit, as the jewels gave me a touch of style with a pop of color.

Grandco Sandals jaguar

The thing I love about this style is the fact that it has a bit of a heel, as I know my dress is a little too long for me. I wanted extra height, and it did the job perfectly!
I ran some errands throughout the day, meaning a lot of walking around my local area - and my sandals made this an easy task. My feet sometimes hurt after walking for a little while, so I was surprised when I was still comfy in the sandals after completing all of my jobs. I didn’t want to take them off!

Grandco Sandal - Jaguar

For the rest of the day, while I was working, I wore these sandals wherever I went. I worked outside in the sun until it got too hot, and then relocated indoors. It meant I didn’t have to fuss around putting shoes on and taking them off again, or falling while wearing flimsy flip-flops. They feel sturdy and can be worn pretty much anywhere. In the run up to my holiday, I know which pair of sandals I will be taking!

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