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Grandco Sandals Chronicles - How Sandal Girl Choose a Vacation!

Posted on 13 July 2017

My summer holiday this year, I wanted a mixture of sun, sea, and sand, but with things to do and explore too, after all, I will have my trusted Grandco Sandals with me so no need to worry about aching feet at the end of the day. That’s when I found…Cyprus. It is a Mediterranean gem located between Europe, Africa, and Asia. It boasts 300 sunny days every year, so I’d better not forget my suncream.
Sun - check!

Grandco Sandals with a Sea View

Just from photos, the water looks stunningly clear and a gorgeous blue color, which is perfect for a dip when I need relief from the hot weather. Also, some of the remote parts of Cyrus have waters that are said to be therapeutically healing!
Sea - check!

The beaches do look beautiful, which is why I decided on Cyprus as the destination this year! They are wonderfully clean compared to the UK beaches that I’m used to, and they will make the perfect backdrop for when I’m lazing in the sun.
Sand - check!

Grandco Sandals - Get me too The Beach!

It’s not all about soaking up the sun either - there are heaps of things to do in Cyprus too. There are lots of great water sports to get involved in (I’m excited about snorkeling!) so I know I definitely won’t be bored. Where I’ve chosen to stay is situated not too far from the beach, but also has transport links to the cities, where I can go shopping, explore the nightlife and enjoy some of the Cypriot architecture.
How am I going to fit this all in?
Things to do - check!

Whatever I choose to do, I must not forget to pack my Grandco Sandals! I wouldn’t want to experience Cyprus without them.

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