Grandco Sandals - A Mother's Day Surprise!

grandco Sandals at The Accessory Barn

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and now is the time to show her your appreciation of everything your mother has done for you. It can be tricky finding the perfect present, as some relatives are easier to buy for than others! But do not fear, The Accessory Barn is here! Ultimately, you know your mom the best, so use our guide to help you find the best gift for her.

Useful presents seem to go a long way with moms as it’s not just something that is bought and never seen again. Buy her something she will use every day as it will remind her of you! Some super comfy footwear like Grandco Sandals might go down well, as your mom will realize that she can wear them everywhere and with everything! Gift her a pair of jeweled sandals, and she’ll love you endlessly.

Grandco Sandals Rainbow Wedge at The Accessory Barn

Insider Info: Over the past few weeks, we have sent jeweled sandal packages out to the UK, Switzerland, France, Australia, Canada, Israel and New Zealand. So, moms across the world could be receiving Mother’s Day gifts from The Accessory Barn - don’t leave your Mom out!

Contest Time - Win a FREE pair of Grandco Sandals!

Snap a cool picture of your mom or daughter wearing her Grandco Sandals - let us know where the photo was taken and we will share on the blog and enter it into a draw to win a FREE pair. Deadline is June 1st.

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