Beauty Tips When Traveling!

Beauty Tips when Flying
Are you holidaying on the other side of the world or only taking a short break away, many of us want to keep up our appearances. The Accessory Barn has done the hard work for you and has hunted down some simple beauty tips that will make your regime much easier on the go.

Petroleum Jelly
Believe it or not, there's an endless amount of ways that you can use petroleum jelly
  • Apply to eyelashes before bed to help them grow
  • Rub in some petroleum jelly to your cuticles and nails to moisturize and shine
  • Add to split ends to help the hair repair itself
  • It can be used to style your hair
  • Use as a quick and natural lip balm for ultimately soft lips
  • Apply the product to your eyelids before donning your daily makeup - it acts as a primer for your eye makeup to help it last much longer
  • Comb your eyebrows with a drop of petroleum jelly to help style them and keep them in excellent condition all day long
  • Rub into any dry, rough skin before applying bronzer 

  • Use your favorite moisturizer first thing in the morning and last thing at night to help your skin stay hydrated throughout your trip
  • Avoid wearing foundation when on a long flight - instead, opt for a moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer if you need a little bit of extra glow
  • Be sure to pack your cleanser in your case when preparing to go away - using new products abruptly can cause your skin to suffer
  • Add a little shimmer to your face if you need to freshen up your look during your time away
  • Don't forget your feet - who wants dry skin showing when you have your Grandco Sandals on

Other Tips
  • Bring eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated
  • Wrap ice in a cloth and apply to the face - it instantly freshens your skin and mentally wakes you up
  • Use dry shampoo on oily or greasy hair to give your hair the ‘just-washed' look without the hassle - it can also add volume to your hair and help you to style it easier

Not forgetting - get your beauty sleep!

Safe travels!

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