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August - Grandco Sandals Style of the Month!

Sandal Girl

Posted on August 08 2017

grandco Sandals - Marble Cork
The weather is getting hotter, and many of us are jetting off to seek sun, sea, and sand! This month, we’ve chosen our favorite style that is popular with jet-setters across the world.

Grandco Sandal Marble Cork 24770G

Here’s why it’s our August style of the month:

This gorgeous design is an incredibly unique style that is different from many other Grandco Sandals. The rim of the sole is smoother to give more of a distinct look, and this makes it much more of a casual and playful style. The slight wedge heel and comfortable rubber sides add chic and sophistication to this beautiful beaded sandal.

Available in black, the Marble Cork design will compliment any wardrobe. And if that isn’t enough, the stunning glitter beading with summer colors of pinks, oranges, purples, and greens make these cute beaded sandals stand out from the rest. With delicate chrome accent beading in between, this style will shine in the sun as you step out in your Grandco Sandals!

Many sandals and flip-flops make feet sore and don’t offer the right support for your feet. The molded 1” sole with arch support will prevent your feet from aching after a long time of wear, and they are the ultimate choice of footwear for exploring!

Match this style with practically anything from your closet. Whether you want to wear pants, dresses, skirts, or shorts. You name it; this style will compliment it. The waterproof soles also make them perfect for relaxing at the beach. Step from the sea to land with no hassle!

A steal at $25.99, this unique style is a bargain! As one of the best value Grandco Sandal styles, these are worth your while.

Try this recommended look:
Team a colorful playsuit or summer dress, this style is ideal to wear throughout the day and even into the night. From the beach to the restaurant, our August favorites will guide you through your fun-filled day without hurting your feet!

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