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Following on from our last post about how to save weight in your suitcase when traveling - we have some final ideas that may help; so you can head to the airport confident that your case is underweight and you aren't going to be emptying the contents in front of everyone.
  1. Do your laundry while you’re away - You might not want to waste time on holiday doing your washing, but it is well worth it to save you heaps of money on overweight luggage costs. Just by doing a load or two of clothing, you can re-wear a lot of what you packed.
  2. Pack lightweight materials - Linen and cotton clothing are the best to take if you’re hoping to save weight. It might not seem to make too much difference at first, but once you’ve got all your clothes packed in your case, it can add up!
  3. Invest in a light suitcase - you may be surprised to find that some bags weigh around 5kg/11lb on their own! Shop around for the most lightweight ones and save more of your load for your holiday items.
  4. Pre-weigh your case - spare yourself the embarrassment of your case being overweight at the desk by investing in some luggage scales so that you can measure it yourself at home! Be careful though, as not all luggage scales will be entirely accurate, so leave a few pounds of leeway just to be sure.
  5. You only need to pack one pair of jeweled sandals - and they are Grandco Sandals! Choose your favorite design, and wear them every day on vacation from morning until night without sacrificing style! 

Don't forget to send us your sandal photos to be featured on the blog. We love seeing where in the world Grandco Sandals end up.

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