3 Tips for a Day at the Beach!

Posted on 13 May 2017

Summer is fast approaching long days at the pool or beach are just what we need after a cold winter - we have some great tips to keep you looking good and feeling refreshed in the hot summer sun.

Plenty Of Drinks
Stay hydrated this summer on the beach with a couple of bottles of water. For a refreshing addition, you can add mint, ice, cucumber and lime cordial to your water - a great hydrating drink between your dips in the sea!

A Stylish Beach Bag
It’s useless taking all of these beach essentials unless you have a great bag to put it all in! The RuMe Tote bags can hold up to 50 pounds of weight and is machine washable. With it’s lightweight and compact design, there’s no need to carry any unnecessary weight, and you can fold it down even smaller when it’s not in use. It is the essential travel bag!

Don’t Forget Suncream!
An absolute must on your beach trip is sun lotion with the right SPF for you. It’s always best to start high (factor 50) and slowly decrease over the days if you want a glowing tan. Also, try not to miss any spots! (But if you do, it might be handy to take an after-sun lotion to soothe any burnt skin.)

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