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3 Tips for Enjoying a Sunny Sandal Day at the Beach!

Posted on 22 September 2017

There are tons of tips for all the annoying things we have to experience when enjoying the sun, sea, sand and Grandco Sandals - today we are sharing three of our favorite ones

  • Drink All Day

Put your beach beverages in the freezer the night before you plan to visit the beach. It will gradually melt as you enjoy the sun, and you’ll have cold refreshments all day long! You can even pour other drinks onto the extra ice if there’s any left.

Keep hydrated at the Beach

  • Sandal Hack

Do you ever find that your jeweled sandals or flip-flops burn your feet after they’ve been left in the sun too long? Either put them in the shade or simply turn them upside down! They’ll cool down enough, so you don’t hurt your feet when putting them back on again.

Grandco Sandals

  • Waterproof Protection
Need to protect your phone or other personal belongings from water and sand? There are two ways to do it! Wrap your items in a couple of layers of cling film or plastic wrap. Otherwise, put your phone into a ziplock bag and zip it most of the way up - use a straw to get rid of the remaining air before zipping it up.

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