Grandco Sandals - Moonlight & Bamboo Back in Stock!

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Grandco Sandals - Moonlight

Grandco Sandals - Bamboo and Moonlight are now back in stock! 

Bamboo is a casual shoe if you want a little height - they are part of the 2" wedge sandal range that was introduced a couple of years ago by Grandco.

The shoes come in a choice of brown, black and white. The white style has been popular in the past with brides - they make a comfortable, affordable, stylish alternative to the typical wedding shoe!

An advantage of wearing a pair of Grandco Sandals for your wedding shoes is you can pack them for the honeymoon - love that you can wear your wedding shoe again and again!

Grandco Sandals Moonlight

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Arline Lund
Arline Lund

May 07, 2015

Love Grandco Sandals. If only you had gel"discs" with adhesive backing to place under the primary stone to help alleviate discomfort at that location on the sandal They would make a wonderful add on purchase and make someone like myself so much more comfortable. Without exception all the sandals have great style. I would love to have several additional colors but haven’t yet found any gel circular pads with adhesive backs. I am however always looking for same even if the pad would be of a different but simple comfort material. I’m happy to have had this opportunity to present my suggestion Thank you..

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