Grandco Sandals - Your Dream Wedding Shoe!

Grandco Sandals - Wedding Shoes

Grandco Sandal Ceramic 26238e is back. Since they have been in the Grandco range, the white shoe has been a firm favorite with brides. Whether you are planning a big church wedding or a far away intimate destination wedding.

You will need shoes that will keep your toes looking cute and your feet feeling happy. These shoes fit the bill they will take you from the walk up the aisle to your last dance of the evening!

Trying to find a comfortable shoe to match your dress while still keeping within budget can be a long process of shopping around - your feet are aching before you even try on any shoes! Then once you finally decide on your pair of shoes you now have the bridesmaids jeweled sandals to find!

The great thing about Grandco Sandals is you can keep wearing them long after the wedding is over, unlike many other wedding shoes that get packed up and put in the closet and forgotten.

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  • Rene: June 01, 2015

    I recently purchased a pair of grand co sandals well I was on my vacation in Florida. because I have a bad back is kinda hard for me to pick sandals that are comfortable. not only are these sandals darling, but they are absolutely so comfortable , I love them. I’m so glad I found your website and I will continue to purchase more sandals in the future. sincerely a very happy customer in Colorado.

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