Grandco Sandals Arriving Week of 20 March!

Posted on 18 March 2015

We have a busy week coming up finally our backorders of Grandco Sandals on route to us.. We have more Denim Thong, VVS1, Denim Wedge, Pastel, Dimension 25552E and a brand new 2015 style Firefly. We are still waiting to hear when Expression will also be arriving.

The Denim range has been flying out the doors; this is always a firm favorite at The Accessory Barn. Pastel has been popular since it's the only shoe base in the Grandco range that incorporates the pale pastel colors!

For the ladies who love slides, Firefly style 26898E is a must for your summer sandals. They are available in a black, white and brown shoe base. The black and white style are made up of shimmering pale blue and green jewels while the brown is a collection of topaz jewels in a flower design.

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